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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for interdental toothbrush
The tooth punching device is very good, the size of the punch can be adjusted, and the flushing is very clean. It is much stronger than the toothbrush and the tooth brush, especially it has a good effect on my chronic periodontitis. Here, I commend the customer service Albert and fan fan. They provided me with many pictures and videos of the teeth. The service is very careful and meticulous.
It's good not to buy WATERPIK! Otherwise, for sure! Now this is to think about it. You don't need it if you don't think about it! And bought this, we found that in fact, almost all of them are flushing. Just buy a similar one! I recommend this one! Cheap to use! A few times ago, if I didn't get used to it, I would have gingival bleeding. Lazy people really don't buy too much! This is enough. I don't want to brush my teeth every day, let alone use the dental punch. But the mood is good or it will be used! Ha ha ha