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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ip box
It arrived on time, really happy with the camera, very good image, easy to install, I have to connect it with cable because with WiFi Didn’t connect, but I must ask for help to the provider
Very nice product with quite a few useful attachments. I am using it to watch over my cat when I am at work in my office. Absolutely helpful and would recommend it to friends.
I only have the camera for a day but I can tell you that the setup was very easy and the software they use to view the cameras is very, nice and works flawlessly. Time will tell about their durability and if they will stay connected but right now, money well spent and will definitely buy again!!!
We had to leave our little animal at home for a weekend. We had someone taking care of them but they were in and out. They were alone several hoursa day. We had great peace of mind because we were abl
Fast delivery . Quality is good. I have use a WiFi extender to add camera but unable to configure. After I tried with other router , iT can be configured. Functionality is ok. Eller recommended