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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for iphon 7
I really was a little shock when I see the size of the package I was like “omg they probably send me the wrong size”but when I open was a relief because everything was right the color the size the material all flawless
Looks really pretty nice. Worth more than 3$. It has stronger rubber corners for hit absorb, but the frame(bumper) is in the same level as display surface, so display is not so much protected.
Perfect fitting with the phone and the buttons work extremely easy in this silicone case, way easier than other cases. Thanks a lot for the fast delivery. Definitely recommend the product!!!
The best phone case ever, the touch of the case is very nice. For so little price i got perfect quality phone case. i strongly suggest this case i love it.
I’ve had one of these before and was so bummed when I lost it. This is so prefect! It covers the button well and wraps around the camera snug. All while being super thin and protective. Highly recommend this case.
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