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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for iphone pokemon case
I bought this case 2 months ago and loved it so much that I immediately bought 2 more cases. After using the product for 2 months I have come to the conclusion that the case is mostly for decoration only. If you are looking for an actual case to protect your phone, this case is not for you. I do drop my phone about 5 times per day. I have noticed that this case does not protect the phone from scratches etc. The plastic is very thin. I do love the look of it though! Even though the phone has been dropped so many times, the Snow White decal is in perfect shape! No scratches or anything. If you are looking for an extra thin “skin” for your phone I would highly recommend this product!! I do love the look of it! The shipping time to Canada was fast (for Ali express) and the seller was in constant communication!
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