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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ipods touch apple
Good morning. The order has arrived in perfect condition. The iPod cover is wonderful, I love it. Thank you very much. Recommended 100% excellent shop WeForCase Digital Store! Have an excellent day, greetings.
This is so creative and decorative i can wear every it in every colour clothes. Quite cheap and worth it more. It is just a kinda loose but not problem at all.
The case is just fine . It is thin , however , has some sharp lines on the sides . It was shipped 2 weeks after I ordered it , because they had new year celebrations ( but it is understandable, and seller apologized ) Also, I got small present .
Had problem with the cable but seller provided proper communication and excellent service to resolve it. One of my best experience shopping online, giving me confidence to repeat buying from seller.
This looked like it would have been perfect but the packaging was almost destroyed and it was broken. I’m sure this was by no fault of the seller. It was packaged in foam but looked like it had been bent in half somewhere along the way.