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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ir learn
great remote. you just need to work with original remotes and you've got 1 remote instead of 3. very easy to handle and program. works great with my cable, tv and receiver.
A honest Seller, Excellent and quality product. Good Price, The cheapest store , Very fast shipping and delivery, Very well service and availability. Hope success and development to seller. I recommend everyone buy from him.
Parcel received 18.06.18 g. Remote programmed according to the instructions. It is really "unique", because none of the TV does not WORK! Only the "turn on-off"button works with any of the TVs. The channel and volume buttons are not responding. I have a lot of orders with Aliexpress, but this is the first faulty. Very unhappy. Why not check? Why do you cheat? For this seller will advertise a negative review.
Excilent product. Shipping time was also good. Great seller. what else we need. I am having VU tv and booklet is not having the code but learning feature is great and worked in single go. thanks you.
Nice air mouse, but a bit heavy (116g w/ batteries, comparing to 79g of IdeaPro). Tested in Android TV (leanback). BAD: Mic button switch on/off, not a press-and-speak. "Search" button does not work. "Back" button does not work properly in some apps (e.g. Plex). NEUTRAL: Keyboard on the back is good, but missed navigation buttons. GOOD: all the buttons (tested only front) can be easy programmed/learned.