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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for keenovo
Quality looks awsome! I am really happy that I bought this from you! Cannot wait to build that into my new printer. Very good customer support, very friendly and very fast response! Greate company, please keep your quality and customer support! If a friend of mine need a heater, I will recommend you! Thank you very much!
build quality on the heater is beautiful, it's a work of art! I haven't yet fired it up but I've no doubt that it will do the business. Element metered out at 62.3 ohms which is basically on the money for 750w at 220V, but just be aware that's gonna be more like 950w for countries where your mains operates at somewhere between 240-250VAC.
perfect heat pad, delivered very fast ( from China to Germany in 9d) , hard to belive it. Thank you very much. Another thanks for the little gift, inside the packet. best regards...