Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for keyboard keycap
The key caps were as expected, I do like their feel, and I've used them to replace a few keys as shown in the pictures. They are easy to pop on/off, sometimes a little too easy but with so many keys available it's not hard to find the exact ones you want to use.
impressive look. this one thicker than original. but quality normal ,no snaplock like original keycap ,this problem lead to poor alignment at long shift key(in picture) when you push one side hard, another pull back...for me it acceptable because I type not so hard
Great set, but some of the keys were send upside down and mushed together with others. Also enter looks bad on a backlit board (it needs a sticker or layer of paint on the bottom).
Generally great set. The quality is about 98%...meaning there are a few areas where there are some edges that aren't as smooth as others, etc. but overall these are awesome. I wish the legends were not entirely clear, so that the light would diffuse better. As it stands, the lights shine through almost too much. Overall, I'm very happy with these, particularly as they do the one thing I bought them for most...never hitting the keyboard they're very quiet.