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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kz zs10
AWESOME in ears,, I own the Shure Se535 but I really prefer this one. No joke. Nice bass and loud! The fits are ok, this is the only thing for me that could be improved. Highly recommend. very fast delivery!
Very nice IEM's. In my opinion, they are the best sounding KZ IEM's to date. I even bought a second pair for a backup. These have a much more balanced sound than most KZ IEM's. Excellent bass extension and the upper bass does not bleed into the mids. The mids are very clear and not recessed. The treble is very airy and lends to a huge soundstage and no sibilance. Very fast shipping! Thank you.
Super fast delivery. I ordered 22-6 and got it today 28-6 at my home in the Netherlands. Completely tracked from China to my place. I could even see at what time it would be delivered. The cable is great quality. Super quality materials and beautiful build. Some people don't hear the difference with other cables. I do hear the difference. Even with cheep KZ ES4 earphones. Those earphones sound a bit boring with the original cable, with this cable the life is back in the music. It makes my feet tap. In the lower section the details are more and the sub bass is deeper. In the midsection these earphones had little trouble with low voices. That's over with this cable. The details in the high regions also increased. The differences aren't dramatic but enough to give the music more life.
Amazing quality audio product. For me they replace a pair of 10 years old Shure SE115. Much to my surprise these KZ are far better. The detail of music, the depth of bass and the open soundstage are amazing! Each ear-piece has 4 drivers, that's why they are larger then other earbuds. Despite metal housing and somewhat chunky size, they are pretty light. If the metal touches your ear (depends on your ear and on the fit of the ear-tips), that can be uncomfortable. Try other ear-tips.
Well Kz ZS10 are the best in ears that you can get for the price! I wasn’t a fan of the cable that came with them so I ordered this as an upgrade ! There is improvement with audio quality! The cable is wonderful and much better quality than the stock cable that comes with KZ. These are great I highly recommend.