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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kz
AWESOME in ears,, I own the Shure Se535 but I really prefer this one. No joke. Nice bass and loud! The fits are ok, this is the only thing for me that could be improved. Highly recommend. very fast delivery!
The item was packaged nice and neatly. Now for the review of the earphone, it sounds great for heavy vocals song, some further testing needs to be done to see what else in store but overall I'm satisfied to purchase this earphone for 10 USD.
arrived very fast to Israel. I'm just gonna say ok for this headphone. the only issue is the sound,is ok for the price and the mic is not good, the person in the another line always say " I'm can't here you "
The sound is AMAZING! This is worlds apart from my other IEAs in the same price range, including my EUR 40 Sennheisers. Music is separated very well and gives a 3D experience. The sound is crystal clear with a nice bass (but not exaggerated), balanced mids and clear trebles. Other users complained about the peak in the tables. For me, this is ok. The only moment I thought it's a bit too much, was when listening to Axl Rose singing. But that may have nothing to do with the ZS6 ;-). The standard cable is fine, with a little cable noise, but much less compared to my other in-ears. The good news is that the cable can be replaced. All my other in-ears did last for only 2-3 years, simply because of cable failure. All-in-all, given the price tag, I don't believe anything can beat the KZ ZS6.
we love it our musicians are so happy they like the fit on their ears and they love what they are listening there is no to much low and there is no to much highs we will definitely recommend this products to our other friends. thumbs up!