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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lcd screen microscope
Very good quality of the product in general. Picture quality of PAL not very good. After using a external PAL to VGA converter on the LCD monitor the picture quality is good. It did replace an old CRT monitor on a CNC machine. Going to order 2 more of these monitors.
Take long tyme for shipping, most probably because of the China New Year. But... - Perfect packaging. - Perfect quality - Beyond the description in a best meaning Just a perfect tool for my needs (electronics) Recommend the product and the seller.
excelente articulo tiene calidad y buena flexibilidad, espero que disculpe el mal entendido, desearia comprar el microscopio ya que tengo la base de metal, por favor indicame el enlace para poder comprar gracias excellent article has quality and good flexibility, I hope you excuse the misunderstanding, I would like to buy the microscope since I have the metal base, please indicate the link to be able to buy thanks