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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for led 50 watt
Very fast delivery (12days to Germany via AliExpress Standard Shipping). The quality of the lens and holder parts seems to be according to the price, which is a fair bit higher than the cheapest you can get.
well packed,was open but everything was OK.i can't compare because chips are without brand,power,volts-nothing.can see the photo.more:"+ " and "- " are stamped on the wrong side so you can't decide which one is + or -.use a multimeter and find it.the base looks aluminium but it's not-just cromated steel.fits my old projector place and already installed one.i'll wait to see durability.actually is OK.
!! Attention !!! For the 4 pinsleds (3W) one pin has a "-" on it, this is a Do Not Connect pin !!! Not the ground The VCC is the big metal pad UNDER the LED, and the 3 other pins are the R, G and B grounds. This is why, I think, other buyers say the led don't works .... They works ! :-)