Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for led filament
Arrived in good time considering the distance it had to travel, well packaged and as a feature light, it looks great turned off, a nice crisp daylight white, not overly bright. It good for the wattage.
Nice warm white color (around 2300k), unlike other 'warm white' filament led lamps that either spread a yellow light or are simply less warm (around 2800k). These bulbs are a little pricey, but the double helix spiral and the warm ambiance are worth it. Plus they only consume 4W, so about 10x less then a standard edison lamp. Didn't try dimming them, may cause flicker.
Hello! i receive very fast the bulbs and i am very satisfied. just one little thing i asked you to send me2 bulbs cold white you said me O .K. but all of them are warm white.Anyway thank you very much for everything you did. Best Regards