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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for led plafon kitchen
Nice ceiling light (3 petals) .This kind of light is sold 300 400 € in the local DIY store . The package has suffered during the trip and was reinforced in the French postal center.( but fortunately no damage inside) BEWARE : If the petals dont light up it's probably because you have connected all three of them on the same transformer . Two transformers are in the mounting but you cannot guess were the 6 cables are going ...if you connect three petals on the same one it wil put itself in safety mode , try changing the connection of one petal. Put two grower rings on each petal bolt to prevent them moving too easily .(One outside one inside)
Lights came very good packed. Seller sent immediately, but local customs service was very slowly (2 months). Seller is very communicative and helpful. Quality of lights is very good, no smell, all crystals in place. Thanks to seller! Recommend the shop!