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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lego banbao
Very good! Enlighten's designs have improved so much :) This is an excellent design for a futuristic spaceship. Its dual cockpit design and blue color scheme is just so good. And the designer's use of interesting build techniques is much appreciated, because it allows a good amount of wing articulation/movement, for playing and for displaying. The minifig design is also very good! All of the mini figures have excellent prints, with bright colors and fine details. I especially like the silver motorcycle helmets :)
Excellent product on its own, however not 100 % compatible with Lego Duplo as the blocks differ in hieght with the duplo blocks , these ones are higher thus sometimes they pose a challenge when mixed with the Duplo blocks. On a personal level I wish there were two worm gears included as there are two casings for the gearbox supplied, as well as supplying the blocks in even numbers ( just as extras ) as I feel majority of builds require pairing but this is just a personal preference.