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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lens 360
The delivery was fast. I didn’t expect only 3 days for an international shipment. The camera is exactly what I want, 4K video, inside Gimble, microSD card. I need a selfie stick.
This is a very amazing driving recorder. It looks very beautiful and is very small. I should take some pictures. It looks like the seller described it, and the shooting is very clear. Driving at night. Will also be assured, very good product, thank you
The product is really small and can be hidden, but the camera function is also very powerful, it is a surprise product, if you have enough budget, I suggest you buy this product
The YI 360 VR Camera lets you capture fully immersive, truly vivid 5.7K videos and remarkably clear 16MP all in 360°. Life isn't worth capturing in 360° unless its resolution is clear, immersive and vivid. The YI 360 VR Camera delivers exactly that. Capture life in all its glory and then relive it with an incredibly immersive 360° viewing experience.