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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lg bluetooth headset
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! You can make call while walking the dog or listen to music. It’s Bluetooth compatible very simple to use. The quality is so good!!! I recommend this product and the seller. Quick delivery to Canada. Thank you.
Product same as it is presented on picture, everything is working. One disadvantage - smudge of sth black on left speaker ruined whole effect, especially hurtful when your headphones are white
Purchased beige in color. The design is stylish. All parts visible to silver in the product picture are made of plastic. So very light. But it does not seem cheap to the appearance. Head bands and ear pads are soft and feels good. There is no conspicuous habit in sound. Therefore, it does not get tired even if it is used for a long time. The disadvantage is that the arm that supports the speaker is also made of plastic, so whether the generation is defective or not, the front side of the ear, the face side of the face opens a gap of about 7 mm. Naturally it can not be used. As a measure, we tied the left and right to fix the habit in the direction in which the gap is filled, and corrected the habit. It is a headphone I want to cherish for a long time.