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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lifepo4 26650
Real Super Seller !!! Professional transaction! Goods fully compliant with the description of the offer, carefully packed! The parcel arrived to me after 3 weeks. I heartily recommend transactions with this seller !!!
Good geniune Nitecore D2 Good charger for casual charging almost every battery. The only drawback is the limited output of 500mah wich make charging high capacity battery quite long (around 7 hours for a 3500 mah battery)... For a proper review of the charger, search the web there's plenty... Shipping was pretty fast... Good buy overall.
The charger works as described. 3pcs Li-ion was charged first with a constant current of 800mA each, and then with a decreasing current at a constant voltage of 4.2V. Immediately after the end of charge all three batteries was 4,19V.