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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lm3886 amplifier
Included almost all components - only had to get a 470R from the stash to complete the kit...and some had the wrong name on the silkscreen - so nice I had a premade board to compare with....
I am very satisfied with the product and service. However, it will be helpful if you can email me a copy of schematic of this PCB (if available). Do not bother if not available. Thank you.
Note! This is a set for soldering. Capasitors: Nichicon BT(M) 33uF 50v *2; Nichicon VZ(M) 100uF 50v * 6; Wima MKS4 1,0 uF/63 - M5 * 2 Bridge rectifier - SEP BR3510L
I have received quickly my 2 amplifiers , but one was badly damaged. Breeze Audio did send a replacement amplifier within a week. I strongly recommend Breeze Audio if you need good sounding 2.1 channel amplifier from a responsible vendor with a great customer support .
Overall I'm very happy overall with this amplifier. PCB quality is superb with plated thru holes. Only minor gripes such as a 20k resistor missing and one 100uF cap had been crushed on on side and tested open cct. Anyway no problem to replace both of those. Typical of LM3886 based amplifiers, the sound quality is remarkably pure. Building this is amp kit is very quick with all component values marked on the PCB. So, very little chance of making a mistake. Thoroughly recommended project.