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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lossless audio
Not exactly a hifi product but very good for its price. Used this to make old Sharp speakers a little smarter. Bluetooth connects easily and playback quality is adequate. AUX bypass doesn't add any noise. Didn't test USB and TF yet.
Thank you! This earphone is amazing! Very nice sound, real CDLA support, high quality constructed. It works perfect with my Le Pro 3 AI. Better then any analog earphones via type-C adapter. Can suggest it for everyone to buy exact this item. Shop is very good. All delivery to my hands in Ukraine took just 11 days. Later in additional feedback I will include a link to a forum with my personal review and video of unpacking the item.
Case quality good but roller button made from kind of plastic and it' s not seems durable. This player playing wma,mp3,flac and dsd and dff file (64 / 128 / 256) Volume level is quite enough for but radio volume is very high and it's cause to sound bursts and parasites. Battery life is very very long. Screen quality and brightness enough. Five or six kind of EQ mode and if you want set manually. It' s not include any case for device. The price performance ratio is pretty good. I recommend this product.
center button is one side pushed in. I should push the other half ro work.... my package take seven days to be ready dor pick up and after several messages that not answered.... another five days to be pick up at least after an answer of my messages.... everythin else work until know waiting few days to see
This is by far the best MP3 player in its price range I have found for playing audiobooks! Upon waking up it will pickup right where you left off. Way better than my SanDisk Clip. The build quality seems to be very good, with it's all metal and glass exterior. The only criticism is the front buttons seem a bit flimsy compared to the rest of it but I don't think it will be a problem. Since my main (only) reason for getting this was for an audiobook player the firmware and usability of the interface could use some improvements but it is a lot better than what I was expecting and it is perfectly acceptable as is. I would like to get a few more of these to have as backups.