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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for loundspeaker
Id leave 10 stars for shipping if I could. It arrived in 5 days. I usually wait a month and a half for stuff to arrive. It works great and its adorable. I loooove it
Trebles are alright but No bass what so-ever.. Play any bass-y music and its like noise. No boom boom pow for you bass lovers. Sufficiently loud but no volume control on the unit, so any volume control has to be done from whatever source you're playing form . Have not tried playing from memory card, radio, USB or Aux functions. And oh, shipping was by comparison lightning fast. (could coz shipping was covered by Aliexpress themselves)
Good and loud little bluetooth speaker for the price. What it lack s in bass it makes up for in volume. Easy to connect to and use. Decent FM radio reception. Would buy again.
27 days to Toronto, ON Canada. Have not tried it in a Bluetooth mode but as a speaker for a cellphone it sounds OK. Not the best: it has too much bass for my taste and hence, is lacking treble a little. But for this price - it is OK.