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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for luphie metal
First of all, the "Designed by Luphie" logo was sprayed curving downwards. That's the only logo/text on this bumper, and it kinda shows it's level of quality. Then, when you slide this bumper on your phone, you can feel the horrible feeling of metal scratching on metal. There is a tiny layer of something glues on the major inner sides of the bumper, but it's just not good enough. There is no such thing on the top and bottom inner sides of the bumper. The bumper wobbles a bit on the phone - like it's a bit too big for your phone. It MAY be that you can install a screen protector and some kind of back film - I'm just speculating here, but it doesn't feel proper. After a week of having it on I decided to remove it and install my regular case - sure, it won't let me touch the metal, but it would at least protect most of my phone and make it way less damn slippery. Had zero reason to communicate with seller, the delivery was fast enough for me.
Good case I like it. It’s make the phone bigger and better to hold. The silence button it’s hard to switch , charging with not all cable works . It have gap with the camera and the back glass and it’s getting dust . Fast delivery to Bulgaria 16 days. Good quality. Very stylish case