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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for m1 8.0
Quality of cameras are better than most i have tried for the price range. They feel heavy, not light and cheap. Delivery was fast. Easy plug and play with NVR. It also works with 3rd party ONVIF cameras, although takes a bit of setting up, not complicated. Customer service is the best i have encountered. Genuine service and very honest. Also I found them very helpful and supportive answering questions and providing instructions and how to operate and setup random stuff related to products of course etc. This seller is very caring. The applications on phone and PC are easy to use/setup. It even worked perfectly on my MAC. I highly recommend those products let alone the seller. Thank you so much.
This was my first purchase through AliExpress and I have to say I have not been left disappointed. The Seller has been great with their communication, delivery was quicker then expected and the product fits like a dream. With regards to the product itself, it has added a new lease of life to my car. The finish is as good as the manufacturers parts removed from a fitting point of view and the system does everything I expected from it. I have very little diy skills and I fitted this myself in about 2 hours, there are people online showing fitting it in 30 minutes but I guess they are stereo fitters. But even still it really isn't difficult - 8 screws and some clips - the delay I encountered was figuring out where to put all the fittings behind the DVD unit, however once you discover the void above it this is amazingly easy as well. I didn't bother with a USB dongle for sim connectivity or a reversing camera but now I'm very tempted to have a go at fitting those as well.
the mounting was easy, wiring guide wasn‘t included but the seller helped me very quickly. Everything works fine, steering wheel control, radio buttons and of course the android system is stunning. I‘m for sure you can‘t get any better android radios for this price.