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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for man powers
My calls are very clear. I can call out and receive calls. I can use the calendar, alarms (vibrate or chimes), I can also set the ringer to vibrate or ringtone or both. I can take pictures, record video and voice recordings, and the sound quality is great.
Too many functions make the setup complex, I found facebook, twitter and browser logo and it needs sim card to work, but when I use bluetooth connect to Samsung(Android), these media updates works. Watch camera, voice recorder works but need memory card to save the pictures or sound.
good product. screen is rectangular in shape even though the dial is round. the dail size is slightly small than expected. arrived is less than 15 days to india. happy with seller 1.Cant capture picture though the watch, only the app can be opened. 2. can decline calls through watch, can stop the vibration in watch too. 3. get notified with vibration for almost all apps and notifications. 4. came with screen gaurd with few bubbles. thanks anyway. 5. strap quality is good. 6. build quality is also great. will give aditional feed back about water resistance and battery backup and etc in a week of use. TRUSTWORTHY SELLER
The features and hardware are very good. The screen is very impressive because of the high resolution display. However, the App reminder needs more coverage such as to send notifications for incoming emails and reminder from the calendar etc.
The pants is nice and comfortable to wear. I like the stretch material that give me freedom to move. The color is matched to the description, very cool..The size is perfect fit. I am satisfied with the product and worth for the price. Let see how long it will last...