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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for media player portable
Awesome little projector! Best value for money! Image is not verry sharp but its good for on a campsite or movienight with friends. Dont expect high qualty HD images but its nice to look at and for the price its just epic! Build quality is really decent and the audio is clear and loud. I will take on our Next camping trip! Very happy :) shipped to the Netherlands in just 10 days!
Product is good but the seller made me to pay custom duty charge as 950 which the amount is half the amount of product... People in India don't buy this in Aliexpress because the telling free delivery but I paid 950... In bang good they will send you free duty charge... Fed up
very portable and usable ( no cables attached) on included rechargeable battery, in totally dark room up to 50 inch screen for many types of content. I listen to music in bed, with screen saver like video art on the ceiling via USB stick.
Very compact, nice design. I bought it for my kid. The idea was to use it for audio books, good night stories, fairy-tales. Fits the goal perfectly. Take into account the fact you need a mini usb cable to charge the battery (MINI usb cable, not MICRO as we use for smartphones). A cable can be found e.g. here