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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for metal sheet cutter
Thanks for the delivery on time i m very happy to collect my oder and the oder was same as i see on the aap. And i use this tool its very useful and easy to use. Its amazing tool.. Thanks for the team of this company to make it easy im really sory to post the pictures of this tool.
Goods was packed in black plastic bag tightly sealed with adhesive tape against water damage. Cutter is in tin box, inside paper box, which got wrapped with 3 layers of bubble sheets. Paper box got corner dents but tin box is safe. Test both saw and cutter work as expected. Cut width is around 4mm as shown in 4th photo. Though cutter has hex shank for drill but it is bigger than standard 1/4" hex shank. So to use impact driver instead of drill, chuck with standard 1/4" hex shank is needed as shown in 5th photo.