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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mi box
Recieved the package in 2 weeks ! quick delivery ! .. Thank you seller for giving the product as described and marking the item as 21$ to get the item related from customs quickly. thank you AliExpress for trusted assurance ! A happy customer :) oh and about the product it's buttersmooth in playing 4kvideos, streams YouTube and Netflix @4k .. haven't updated to Oreo as there are issues ongoing will update as soon as bugs are fixed for now happy with mi box 3.
Excellent product, as described and delivers full gigabit. Bought two adapters, both work, each one tested alone delivers about 930-940 Mbit - same as any normal gigabit card. With both plugged in together with two motherboards ports I'm getting 3.6Gbit bonded connection - or about 900 Mbit per port. Good price, shipping took 3 weeks, recommend to buy!
Best vacuum cleaner on the market! I have used it for several days now and I am very pleased! If you have pets I would also reccomend this robot cleaner. I believe that this is one of the best on the market if it isn't the best. Very high quality parts and you can see and feel that it is well constructed. Xiaomi is going places!
the shipping time takes a little longer then advertised but everything else came as expected. been able to change the language to English for the vacuum using The United States ( Singapore server ) in Mi Home.
Great product! Delivery in 15 days. Important note for future buyers: UPS doesnt work in Balearic Islands. The seller is very friendly and he informed us about this point. We sent it to our relatives house in Madrid and bring it to Mallorca in our luggage. English voice package available for instalation.