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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mi fones
After receiving the product. I tried it for three days to evaluate. Sensitive connection, the matching method is also very simple. It was quite tangled when it didn't arrive at the beginning. Fear of poor sound quality, noise or something. After receiving the goods. The quality is unexpectedly good. Convenient and practical. Sound quality is good.
Bluetooth headset received, very comfortable to wear. Stealth effect is also good, can be used with one ear or both ears, very convenient. The song signal is very stable, continuous and there is no delay. Wireless is convenient. Everything is cheap and easy to use
I thought the ear plucks were transparent but it's gray colour though it's still looks good, but comparing to Mi earphone it's little bit fall behind. I use half volume to enjoy songs in this ear phone because as volume increases the sound quality becomes harsh. Thank you for the ear phone