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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mic shield
Very good transaction with the Seller. Taken about 27 days to Switzerland. This capture device is excellent! If you chain it with HDMI (if no HDCP protection activated), you can capture video output from the computer (playing Flash video by example). There is a microphone input; perfect for a tutorial, you can add your voice. It works with composite video input CVBS; I have digitalized a commercial movie VHS tape, and the result is excellent (better than a lot of USB grabber). But the VHS tape MUST BE RECORDED WITHOUT A CUT, otherwise the Ezcap284 loses synchronization; it does not work for small cut sequences. If you install the driver and use the OBS software, you can record too or stream your signal to Internet. You can save on a USB drive or memory SD card. The file is splitted by 2 GB chunk. There is a software to join the file; you can use FFMPEG to join the files and it works without video or audio problem. I am very happy with this product. I have ordered some. Thank's a lot!
It was cool and it does not connect to an iPhone so Ye it echos so much so I don’t know how To kinda work it but it’s still Cool so ye