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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mini bluetooth
Please be careful, the earphones are okish for the price but really really big , they don't fit well . I'm giving 4 stars just for the seller not for the product :D . THE PRODUCT IS A 2 STAR AT MOST, MANY SKRATCHES ON THE BOX AND ON THE EARPHONES THEMSELVES, ONE OF THEM IS RATTLING AND THE SOUND IS INTERRUPTED. Good luck guys!
Shipping took 14 days with DHL, which is a little too long. Item is as described and works as intended. Screen protector however is not a good fit and I will buy a different one.
Not a big upgrade to my Redmi Note 4x, which I'd broken. But as I managed to fix my 4 I could at least compare. Brighter/clearer/more accurate screen. Better front camera for sure and probably rear camera but definitely better camera software is unlocked even using the same OS version. Roughly the same battery life, size, weight and fingerprint scanner performance. Again just a great spec of phone that is a great price.
Item took more than a month to arrive. Package was damaged but product is fine. Manual is difficult to understand. Works great. Easy to use. Plays music. Call quality is amazing. Would recommend.
yes excelente, about the shipping don't use Fedex is the worst i have to go to Fedex terminal to pick the item because they can't leave in my home please add free shipping or use dhl