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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mini mp3 player
Shipping took 14 days with DHL, which is a little too long. Item is as described and works as intended. Screen protector however is not a good fit and I will buy a different one.
It's small, weights nothing and fits everywhere. You'll need a MicroSD card with an adapter to transfer music on it (or download into your phone and then swap the cards). It uses miniUSB charging port. Haven't tested the battery life yet. Downsides: No navigation menu, just all your music in one playlist. So for me the player is almost useless. Have fun skipping hundreds of tracks for minutes on end. Also, sound output has a lot of background noise. Built-in equalizer on Pop mode removes most of it but skews sound, so... And all your setting reset to default so you have to tweak volume and equalizer every time you turn the player on.
Not a big upgrade to my Redmi Note 4x, which I'd broken. But as I managed to fix my 4 I could at least compare. Brighter/clearer/more accurate screen. Better front camera for sure and probably rear camera but definitely better camera software is unlocked even using the same OS version. Roughly the same battery life, size, weight and fingerprint scanner performance. Again just a great spec of phone that is a great price.
yes excelente, about the shipping don't use Fedex is the worst i have to go to Fedex terminal to pick the item because they can't leave in my home please add free shipping or use dhl
Took 15 days to delivery to Australia despite me paying extra for DHL. Marked as shipped after 6 days (if not sent after 7 days they need to cancel and refund order). But the DHL tracking number supplied but it didn't exist. Everytime I contacted them they said it had been shipped but the tracking number still returned nothing. After 13 days the parcel finally appeared as having been shipped on DHL's tracking system and it arrived 2 days later If they didnt have stock I was happy to wait but I don't like being told it's been shipped when it clearly hasn't. The phones are great. Look good and perform well. One small but big annoyance with the most recent Xiaomi phones is the single colour notification LED. Didn't realise how much I'd miss it till I didn't have it.