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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mini studio photo
the box is ok.guess for 9 dollars it does its job..i had to use extra lights tho....the led light strip is not covered and the charge point is also not covered
Arrived a month and a half after purchase. Bought 2. Just as described. Very cute and practical. I Recomend if you're starting. it is what you're paying for, and worth it.
awesome product quality. there is a hole in the cover. but i don't mind. thank you. the size that is wanted. best for food photography and macro. The top view opening is helpful. Amazing product.
Very good packaging. The product is conform to the description. I use it every time i need to take macro picture with a good lightning. Delighted with my purchase for the moment.
Good, however, one of the led lits has probably a weak contact. I have to move the USB cable around to find the good position in order to light it up.