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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for monopod tripod
This is a very good mobile and camera stick. It's not and ordinary selfie stick where you just can point it at yourself. This one have more possibilities since you are almost able to point the mobile or camera in any direction on the mounting pad. The stick itself is light metal and all other fittings is plastic in nice made finish. With this stick you can mont almost every kind of small camera and make some nice shots downwards cliffs in Grand Canyon or follow your dog in the same height. Be aware that there is no trigger or wires for taking the shooting remotely. But who needs that! Most camera have a timer function also you mobile. That's how you take a selfie if that you want. This stick is mostly for those who want to make selfie movie or other interesting shot from another angle and afterward edit the movie in some post production. For the cost of money you really get a nice top quality pod with many possibilities for shooting angles. I really recommend this product.
Arrived in 40 days. Haven't had a chance to use it yet. Item is as described. Seems like a quality product. I will try to update after using in the field..
Arrived today, great bag. Got 2 if my largest light stands, plus 2 small boom arms and my speedlight holder in it. Padding seems fine and the zips look strong and solid. Very happy, off to but some more.