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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for motospee
I consider the mouse to be the weaker part of this combo. Mouse surface is too smooth on top. If you use low to mid sensitivity and lift the mouse from time to time, you will have to lift it more because it senses movement. Otherwise the mouse has breathing light which changes with switching sensitivity. The keyboard is great. First time using mechanical keyboard, i will need time to get used to. Has many options for colors including highlighting keys used in specific games - like FPS, COD, LOL and others. The legs that lift the keyboard even have anti-slip rubber on bottom, so it sits very stable. Sadly i had to pay postal fee + 20% tax, which made this more expensive for me. I don't blame the seller, just want to inform him, if there is anything he can do from his side to avoid this in the future. But in the end it depends on the country's customs policies, it might be unavoidable. Everything else was ok. Thank you.