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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mp 4
Thank you. The product is identically with the description, shipping was fast, everything goes fine. Thank you. P.S. only the delivery time from China to Poland was slow, but of course this is not the fault of the seller.
The padel racket came With a scratch and With The Cord a little bit broken so I get a part of The Price refund, The paddle racket is from good quality and came in 9 days so its a very nice pick for The Price to Begin playing padel
Parcel arrived in the US in 10 days. Box and items not damaged. Camera and accessories as described in AliExpress. Not true 4k and 16mp resolution, but extrapolated. Image sensor max is 8mp.
Super fast delivery, great packaging. It looks like the description. It is super light (it may feel a bit cheap). I checked the memory: my 16 GB checked. The phones and the USB cable work just fine. I'm happy with my purchase so far.
The phone arrived in satisfactory condition and as described except a little heavier than I had anticipated. None the less it works perfectly well and the battery life is incredible so far. It can withstand 48hr of full use, wifi, calls without charge. It should also be noted that the phone is quite chunky not slick in design but rather very practical and was not provided with UK adopted