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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mp3 music player sport
mp3 player is good with lot of function s . can record fm. Can play from folder (u need to learn its function; long press 'm' button). Earphone which comes with it are pathetic (very poor, seems to be of $0.15). Fm playback is ithink 4+ hour.
So I have been listening to good number of earphones ranging from budget iems to top of the line (unique melody miracle, merlin). I also had FXT90 earlier, few years back. These are pretty good for the price 16-18 euros even when comparing to top of the line custom IEM I own. I ordered 2 more pair from the same seller. I will leave additinal feedback when I compare it with other budget iems like MEMT X5, Einsear T2, Swing IE800, Rock Zircon, KZ ES3, KZ ZS3, and KZ ZSR.
Earbuds are very good for me. It is like as described in reviews. Good on mids and treble. Bass is not punching well like Audio Technica cks series but I think it is enough for rock or heavy metal. This earbuds are really balanced. Thank you so much.