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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mp3 panel
Service is responsive & top. However, the map loaded is of no use. Language, actually polish is of no use in Switzerland. In Europe usually, sending out a map with english will be sufficient. Of course, if you have specific language for every specific country it's better, but don't mistake On the hardware side, I regret that no warning is issued with regards to map size vs memory with 2 GB I can barely load the whole map of my country. The unit must be made sufficient for the whole european map.. I know the price is the problem, but memory is not too expensive nowadays. Also, it is more flexible to make the two USB cable removable. Servicing and integrating will be easier. Sound quality is OK, but radio chip is not top. I appreciate the service and warmly recommend this shop to anyone interrested in the product.
Great post sale service, headunit works great - responsive and despite the lower resolution display it looks great, you don't even notice it at all. Only had it in for a few days but is good so far.
The product is as described.What bothered me is that you can't shut it down completely, you can only put it in Standby.I installed it in my car to extend the capabilities of an old Pioneer CD - MP3 player.As I gave it power straight from the car's lighter (14V) there is audible "noise" at playback on high frequencies.By not completely shutting down I think it will drain the car's battery - maybe I sould add a switch on its power cable.