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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mp3 player dsd
im so inlove with this tiny DAP.. now, i dont have to bring out my phone when Im in travel bcoz this lil prayer fits my pocket. im pretty impressed with the sound. i also love to connect to spotify to listen to music.i also love this SLEEP plus feature since i enjoy listening to music before going to bed.i dont worry anymore to turn it off before falling asleep.
A good seller! There was a problem with the firmware update, but thanks to the seller I was able to repair it soon. If there is opportunity, I would like to shop again at this seller.(^w^)
Case quality good but roller button made from kind of plastic and it' s not seems durable. This player playing wma,mp3,flac and dsd and dff file (64 / 128 / 256) Volume level is quite enough for but radio volume is very high and it's cause to sound bursts and parasites. Battery life is very very long. Screen quality and brightness enough. Five or six kind of EQ mode and if you want set manually. It' s not include any case for device. The price performance ratio is pretty good. I recommend this product.
Veery nice player, but I have not been able to figure out how to change the language from Chinese to something else. There was no manual. Does anyone have an idea?
Unbelievable fast, arrived after 8 days in the Netherlands! The music player is beautiful (you can find detailed reviews on the internet, e.g. Shop with confidence, this is a top seller, AAA.