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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mp3 sony
i received my order today it takes 1month of waiting but its ok im so happy with my z5c bcoz its look like a brand new phone, well let us observe this for a few days or week. by the way thank's u so much seller and God bless! comment on next time
The product is gud. However, the dispatcher instead of handing it over thrown it in our garage. Aliexpress must direct the mailing service to handle the packages with care and also hand them to customers intead of throwing them in houses at unknown times.
brand new condition, works perfect, just one little thing a little dissapointing, the bootloader has been unlocked and flashed with 5.0.2 firmware, strange really since sony released 5.1.1 for it, because bootloader has been unlocked, i cant update thru sony, had to flash it myself to put 5.1.1 on
I could get it to pair with my phone, just took lots of patience to get it to finally pair with my car radio. I love it now. My driving map directions read out over the radio and I can talk on my phon
It works very well and are actually quite small and convenient! They connect right up to phone when I get in and the sound quality is about what you would expect from this "type" of device. USB f