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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mp3 wifi music
I'm happy to receive this portable bluetooth speaker which GGMM E2. Its not just an ordinary bluetooth speaker. Its Alexa enabled smart wireless speaker. Although this speaker has four colors, but I especially bought this current blur color. Itd more like turquoise. Its a super lovely color. In the brand packaging, we got an manual book which gives lot of information about the speaker and usb charger. The build quality is solid. You can see two speakers inside the speaker. That's why the sound is loud and clear. The buttons are at the top and it made of rubber. On the bottom, there is rubber base which really help it to place it on any place. It provides a nice grip. The rubber base has few details about the Speaker. I haven't expected such good performance in Alexa voice assistant. It works cool in it. And for the price, you are getting bluetooth plus Alexa, hats off to that! The seller is really polite and helps to get the product delivered without any hassel. Thanks
This is a very good speaker, easy to operate. But, from some reason it doesn't play some of the radio stations in TuneIn (marked as Not-supported), hope customer support could solve this... Also, it took 4 days only to arrive to Israel!
delivered in 15 days, great value for the price, speaker plays stereo and has versatile modes, that are applicable under different conditions (different distance, loudness, music styles eg). nice to have a card slot, volume, playback and next/prev track control. as well as a line in. also i believe this speaker can work with mobile app that allows to change tracks on the card. suitable for home listening, as it has balanced sound at low levels but this is not the loudest speaker among other competitors. i knew it and my choice is quality sound vs loudness. thanks.
Extremely great sound quality, good composition with Fiio F9 pro. Still can't get used for this model. Beware that android functions is really weak so u may not want to use it constantly and operate deliberately instead. (This interface is very uncomfortable for me. Android got lagged if I try to browse internet, hardware is weak to sustain well most android functions. So may be it can be usable for searching and download music. Then it on or in sleep mode (display turned off), it always light on and discarge the battery that idle about a day (or 12 hours). Hoot time of this device about 20 seconds, that is really slow for music player). So i think most of function in this device and seems to be on most devices like so not optimised for comfortable use.
Made order on Feb'26, arrived through EMS on March'24. Well packed, nice look. Now installing, can add more after installation and full test. Good communication with the seller. P.S. Doesn't play mp3 files from USB flash. What might be the problem in ?