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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mp3.player
Amazing phone. My second order of this phone. This time for my niece and she is super excited and happy. The seller is excellent with great communication and understanding. There was confusion in the beginning but we came to very good terms. Item came earlier than expected even though shipping was delayed due to confusion. Overall great experience with the seller.
Fantastic phone! But seller shipped it later than other pre-order sellers on ali. They added an free screen protector, but it was low quality plastic and already full of scratches - it went straight to the trash bin. when it finally got shipped the delivery time was normal.
Very happy with Eternal Team staff is already my second purchase I am very satisfied and I will be making a new purchase I recommend the Eternal Team store and recommend the smartphones from Xiaomi where I am a fan and very good even a handset with unquestionable quality very good same.
The phone arrived safe, right like in the description. I really enjoy it. It may look a bit huge but in fact in is the right size. The processor is very fast, all the settings are to my liking. I recommend both the phone and the seller.
Store communication was great and at first, I received installation instruction with note to contact them if anything is unclear or in any case of help required. Ordered arrived in no time. Meaning that no-one ecpect to get anything from Chine to Europe within 5-6 days. Ordered match fescription and I would like kindly to recommend tis shop. Cheers !