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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mr16 led lot
The devices are very small and somewhat inconvenient to solder - you need a small soldering tip. Cable should be thin too. As a result - this driver works perfectly with COB chip on one side and PWM-regulated constant voltage source on another. Perhaps one of very few possibilities to normally dim COB led with square wave PWM. 3 weeks to St.Petersburg.
Good quality product. Color temperature is accurate. I purchased 9W. The real measured current at 12V is about 270mA which equals to about 3.25W but I didn't really expect more. I like very much the Pure White 4000K color temperature. It is neither bluish nor yellowish. It is white. Thank you.
Good communication from seller. Generates nice warm diffused light, good brightness. Tested for about 10 mins, don't seem to get very hot despite apparent lack of heat sink, hopefully should last a while. Happy so far ☺️
Should contact the seller first if you are after a certain type of driver. The one described presents a Chiplink semiconductor CL6807 driver while the one I received are presenting Zetex/Diode Inc. ZXLD1360 which has different parameters