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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ms speaker
Well build and it works! Video is good. Audio so so but to be expected. Slightly rounded edges would be safer as the edges are sharp. Highly recommended! No communication required.
extremely fast shipping. compared to my previous monitor (a 10 inch eleduino touchscreen) this thing is awesome. the picture and colors are good. the osd menus are comprehensive and fast. powers by micro usb or barrel jack. fits the stand well. casing in nice looking and thin. dual mini hdmi input is a plus. the speakers are nothing to write home about and I wish it were full size hdmi rather than mini, but overall I can't complain at all. beautiful little monitor. seller communicates well. I will be using this for many years to come.
Very good external monitor and it works quite well with my laptop as an additional screen. The color is good and its portability is simply amazing. My colleagues found it as a very significant addition to the laptop and will probably make an order as well. Thanks i-Deal, good job!
Excellent monitor, large screen resolution, large viewing angles and very clear picture! And also in the kit is an additional stand and adapter for the electrical network. Very fast delivery, thank you so much to the seller! Very satisfied with the purchase, I recommend the product and the seller!
Quick delivery and they even included an AU adapter when I asked them to despite it not being included in the ad! Packaging was a little unusual, and there were quite a few scratches on protective screen cover (the one you remove and throw away) - these did not penetrate to the screen, so it looks like the cover did its job well. Also, the supplied velvet pouch does not match the one in the photos - since I prefer the one that was supplied, this is a bonus! Build quality appears excellent for the screen itself. It was easy to reset the OSD language to English (it is the first entry on the OSD menu if you are wondering). The power supply seems a little light weight, but after running for an hour has not heated up at all. It has pinout information so it would be easy to replace if necessary. There is a hole at the bottom of the screen that perfectly matches my tripods which I presume is for just that. All in all, very happy on first impression.