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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for multimedia player adapter
I bought the DAC for my TV. The DAC doesn't work however on my Panasonic UHDTV. The seller tried to help me very good, but it still doesn't work. When i tried it on my computer the DACS works fine. So the problem is in the digital out from my PC c.q. in the combination TV and DAC
Good quality cable. I use it to connect a Raspberry Pi HDMI output (1920x1080p capable) to an old Dell monitor DVI input (1680x1050 max resolution). The Pi automatically recognizes the maximum resolution.
It works fine with OSMO FL2K but not with USB3.0 speeds. although device is recognized at both usb2.0 and usb3.0 ports, it always works with USB2.0 capable sample rates. Not sure if this is device related or not, my pcb is dated 2014.
This package came in fairly quickly. Haven't tested it as a VGA adapter yet, but looks like it has an FL2000 chip inside. It shows up as a USB3 device, and seems to work on USB2 too. Quick delivery, good price, useful product, and to top this off, a recommended seller.
Goods arrived 41 days after ordering in good condition although they were sent in the simple plastic bag without bubbles. Goods is brand-new and without defects. The converter works, but is not 100% accurate (the whole VGA screen is not visible, the small part of picture is beyond the edges). Short test shows no fatal errors. So I'm satisfied.