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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for music player alac
Good received, quickly delivery with DHL, Unfortunatlely, I had to pay an extra cost not included with the customs fees = 25€. Good product, and sound, well done, easy to associate in bluetooth.
Amazing products, the best sounding player i've ever heard with all the features that can make it a end game for some people. The service was great, fast shipping and zero problems whatsoever. A+
Very good product! Audio quality of Both Fiio X3 and F9 are superb! Both packages arrived very soon to Mexico (they arrived after a week, basically) and, luckily, I did not pay any tariff or taxes. The parcel arrive with zero damage or something, but It would've been nice if the packages had come wrapped in some sort of bubble wrap.
I am satisfied with the player. Does have its own quirk about having to load all songs into 1 file,in order to shuffle songs while in in bluetooth mode.When purchasing unit, Items in the listing pictures should be identified or labelled as not being supplied with that purchase, This creates a whole lot of confusion when parcel arrives with pieces missing that are shown as part of the package. Disappointed that these parts have to be ordered as a separate part.
The item was exactly what the seller described it! This item is authentic! The sale bundle was hard not to pass up! what a great deal!! very satisfied with my purchase!