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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for music player apple
I could get it to pair with my phone, just took lots of patience to get it to finally pair with my car radio. I love it now. My driving map directions read out over the radio and I can talk on my phon
It works very well and are actually quite small and convenient! They connect right up to phone when I get in and the sound quality is about what you would expect from this "type" of device. USB f
very good quality, good sound, i use it on a bike, it's loud, on DHL about 3 weeks to get it, the radio is useless in europe? if im wrong please tell me how to use it in poland's frequenties.
An excellent product, the child listens to audio books for days on end. But three technical drawbacks, when enabled, are the welcome sound of the scream at maximum volume and immediately reproduces at maximum volume. It would have been better if the device had memorized the last volume level. Also after turning on the device starts to play the last file again from the very beginning. If the audiobook is 5 hours long and listened to half, it turns out very badly, you need to press the buttons for a long time and rewind. It would have been better for the device to remember not only the file but also the place to where it finished. Also, the color illumination consumes a lot of energy, because of this the device is quickly discharged, it is impossible to turn off the illumination. It is better to make the illumination turn off. And yes, today the child dropped the device, it split into two parts, so we order this device again.