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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for neewer flash
Delivery from Germany to Finland took 12 days. Quality looks really good. Two tripods and small light stands (+led lights and batteries/adapters fit perfectly and there is even more space. The bag doesn't have a hard bottom - as my stands are shorter than a bag, it will lose shape when carried on a shoulder. The first impression is amazing, let's see if it'a durable.
The strobe arrived on time and well packed. The good surprise was the standard Bowens mount reflector included. The bad surprise was that therewas no cover protectection for the lamp so for I'll have to remove the lamp to bring the strobe with me. The strobe seems to work good even if it fires sometimes without having press any button (security ???). I haven't deeply tested it yet in studio. One question is how works the Neewer organisation for remplacement products (lamp, etc...) because today all the Neewer products (photo stands, supports, ...evene the same S-400N strobe) I have just selected are only available in countries that does not deliver them in France... So how to buy them ???