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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for neewer
Great sturdy tripod. It was shipped in Amazon box via Canada post so fast and no tax in Canada. What I like: - sturdy, holds my Canon 80D +100mm L Macro with no issues in most positions - gets really low - with tripod head removed it is less than 4.5cm. The lower you can get outside using a ground pod to my knowledge - holds over 4kg of gear without issues - gimbal + Canon 80D + Sigma 150-600C - Folds small and is light - can be carried with you all the time or when you need to travel light What could be better: - Center column can be rotated even when tightened up to maximum - in my view - just get rid of the central column - make the tripod even lighter and sturdier - The head adapter is a little crooked so the head sits at slight angle when mounted. Not a big deal but this might be QC issue so be aware - The ball head while ok, would be much better with separate knob to control horizontal rotation. As it is you need to use the central column when shooting panoramas.