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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for nexus google 5
Very smooth, it fit's my Nexus 5 very well. I really like it and I have got compliment about it. Thanks. PS: The delivery was very first compared to other products I bought the same day it was the first to reach me.
I am satisfied because I received the battery in few weeks and in perfect conditions. Anything to complain about. I did not have already the chance to substitute it and test it so I will leave a more specific review in the next weeks.
Had about 50% charge. Really well packaged! So far, charged till 100%, doesn't overheat. If will rapidly decrease the discharging rate - I'll update the review. So far, satisfied, thank you!
It took one month to get this product. It is as described. The black case is soft so the buttons are easy to push. The camera hole is not as good positioned, as it covers the edge of it a little. I like this product.
A bit thicker and heavier than nillkin case, but good quality overall. Magnet lock is nice, old nillkin case had an issue with cover opening up by itself in a bag and tablet waking up. Magnet lock prevents it, I recommend.