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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for nobsound
The product is OK, but it took 6 weeks to arrive of which 10 days were lost by the seller postponing the shipment. At the very same day, I bought more stuff from other sellers. One of those orders arrived even within 10 days. Hence, there is room for improving the speed in dealing with orders.
It arrives one week after I placed the order, which is fast for shipment from China to Thailand. I swapped out the stock tubes for GE 5654. The output is really musical-wide stage, range, dynamics, and details. It can certainly beat my rega fono-mini A2D. The 3.5mm aux input is an added bonus-help me to connect newer devices to my stereo system. Highly recommended.
Great Product! Sounds beautiful after swapping the tubes with matched Hifi ones. Quality is great! Doggy shipping tactics - I asked for DHL which was $2 more (and faster) and they sent it with UPS, claimed it was shipped (requested label) for a week and than finally shipped it again a week late with UPS.
I just want to try out tube prephono. Read review about this and decide to give it a try. I just plugged it in-not even burning the unit yet. It just provided a wider sound stage than my current rega mini-fono A2D (which costs $150.) I will keep this LB T11 with its stock tube for now. May upgrade the tube later. I just cannot wait to hear its sound after it is properly burned in.
Turned it on for the first time, Let the tubes warm up for about 10 minutes before playing some jazz music on a pair of Mission Cyrus 782's. Damn! This thing sounds really good for the price. The tubes haven't opened up all the way yet but it sounds close to my Yaqin Tube that cost about 800$. It got here 2 days before what was listed on Fedex. I haven't listened to many tube amps. But this thing is really good. I recommend if you are a budget audiophile and you pair it with some high efficiency speakers will will not be disappointing.